Unique Service

We want to instill in your pet that going to be groomed is a good, fun, and relaxing time that they can enjoy. Fetch! is different from other service providers in that we offer a one-on-one low-stress environment centered around your pet. We will provide quality grooming treatments as time efficiently as we possibly can so your pet can return home to you as soon as possible.

Groomed PomeranianAt Fetch your pet will be secured in a roomy, comfortable kennel during transport and will not be left unattended outside or while on a grooming table. If your pet stays the night there will be a person to monitor them as well as remote monitors for their safety. We do not muzzle dogs unless it is absolutely necessary, but again if your pet is overly aggressive overall we will not work on them. We do have some spacious kennels for boarding purposes, but we prefer to only use them for bedtime while your pet stays with us, not to house as many dogs as possible for hours on end.

Experienced Owner

I have been licensed and certified as a professional groomer since 2009. I have had the privilege of working with employers and teachers with a total experience level of 115 years.