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Fetch! is different from other service providers in that we offer a one-on-one low-stress environment centered around your pet. We strive to have minimal engagement with large quantities of other animals to eliminate stress and anxiety during your pet's grooming experience. Contact us for pricing.


Pomeranian Grooming

Grooming Services

Ear Cleaning
Hair Cuts 

fetch! puppy transportation

Transportation Services (to and from)

Grooming Appointments
Vet Appointments
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Coming Soon: Boarding & Day Care Services

Fetch! offers grooming & transportation specials for our existing and new customers. View Current Specials 

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*We provide these services for cats with good temperaments. 

Fetch! accepts all breeds of dogs for grooming, and depending on temperament we will accept cats for bathing, brushing, and nails. Other more exotic animals can be discussed for grooming on a case-by-case basis. We WILL NOT accept aggressive animals of any sort NO EXCEPTIONS